Castle Wine

From the beginning Castle Wine has focused on offering quality wine from smaller organic producers who operate with passion, craftsmanship and a firm commitment to produce first-class wine.

We are not striving to be the largest in the market or to have the widest product portfolio based on a large number of producers, instead we strive to offer products that give the ultimate wine experience.

Quality and style are the key words that characterize the products we offer.
Style and taste are very personal, but wine based on first class grapes, excellent growing conditions and production professionalism from generation to generation provides an excellent foundation for a great wine.

If you are an organic producer and feel that your wine is the best in your region and also has a desire to enter the Swedish market you should contact us.

We offer a limited number of first-class producers the necessary market focus, continuity and a long term partnership in the Swedish market.

If you like to contact us, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.




The Swedish market (and also the Norwegian and Finnish markets) is somewhat different from other markets as there is a government monopoly on sales
of wine to private consumers.

The government owned organization with exclusive rights for sales of wine to private consumers, Systembolaget is one of the world largest purchasers of wine with over 448 retail outlets and a total sale of 214,6 million-liter wine in 2022.

The relationship between Systembolagets, purchasers and importers is strictly regulated in order to guarantee an objective procurement process and provide
for competition on equal terms.

Once a year Systembolaget issues a launch plan with a tender specification for the wine that they plan to purchase during the next year.

Outside the products selected by the centralized tender process, Systembolaget also offer importers the ability to list their wine on Systembolagets’ website
where the consumer can place an order and collect the product from one of their retail outlets.

In addition, for wine that has received international recognition, importers can propose that Systembolaget sell this wine in limited quantity through Systembolagets special retail stores for quality wine.

The wine selected by Systembolaget in the centralized tender process is subject to rigorous testing before launch and selection is done in strictly regulated
blind-tastings without any opportunity for the importers to influence the decision.

Sales to the Horeca market are outside the monopoly and handled directly by importers like Castle Wine.